KORSCH has a proven track record of delivering innovative equipment for the development, scale-up, and high-speed production of pharmaceutical, vitamin, and nutraceutical products.

Our tablet presses are designed according to modern ergonomic aspects. They feature a new standard in GMP with extreme accessibility to the compression zone and a combination of quick-disconnects and smooth surfaces that permit fast cleaning and changeover.

KORSCH offers the broadest range of multi-layer technology and a comprehensive Containment and Wash-in-Place technology for OEB 3, OEB 4, and OEB 5 applications.

The extremely user-friendly control system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and offers password login, press force control, single-tablet rejection, product recipe, event log, reject log, alarm history and full network connectivity.

Every KORSCH is a masterpiece.


Equipment specially designed for initial feasibility and development of new products, including:

  • PharmaResearch - data acquisition and analysis
  • Mixed turrets
  • Full functionality with reduced press tools
  • Special configurations for small material quantities


To assess the product behavior under compression when increasing the production speed, our scale-up equipment includes the following features:

  • Full instrumentation
  • PharmaResearch - integrated data acquisition and analysis
  • Validatable data export and processing
  • Press force control

Clinical Batch Production

Clinical batch production requires full production controls in a small scale equipment platform. The KORSCH range of equipment for clinical batch production includes:

  • Electronic audit trails (event, alarm, reject)
  • PharmaControl® - automatic compression force regulation
  • Single tablet rejection
  • PharmaResearch - integrated data acquisition and analysis
  • Full batch reporting 


Equipment specially designed for high speed, 24/7 fully automated production, including:

  • Single and double-sided equipment platforms
  • Single and multi-layer equipment platforms
  • Exchangeable turret and fast changeover capability 
  • Permits full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 
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Range of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Tablet Presses

Our tablet presses for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector at a glance. A possible containment version can be found within the respective products.

KORSCH X 3 Tablet Press

X 3

NEW Mid-Range 1/2 Layer Tablet Press

The X 3 is a breakthrough in the small-scale and mid-range tablet press segment, designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest KORSCH advancements. The X3 is a single-sided rotary tablet press…

XP 1

R&D Single Punch Press

The XP 1 research tablet press is the successor of the legendary EK 0. This single punch machine is specifically designed to permit initial feasibility, screening, and solid product characterization.…

XL 100

Small R&D Rotary Tablet Press

The XL 100 features an integrated electrical cabinet and a very simple and robust mechanical design. The fully self-contained and portable machine is the ideal tool for the product development. The XL…

XL 4004 SFP

Single-Sided High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press

The XL 4004 SFP is a single-sided high-speed rotary tablet press dedicated to single-layer tablet production. The XL 4004 SFP offers streamlined product changeover, unique accessibility to the…

XL 4004 MFP

Most Flexible Tablet Press in the World

The XL 400 MFP offers an innovative and flexible design platform that permits the production of all tablet formats on a single tablet press, including single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer, tablet in…

XT 600

High Speed Double Rotary Press

The XT 600 combines key features from proven KORSCH technology with a simple, modular, and cost-efficient design to offer a new standard in high-volume production equipment. This robust and elegant…

XT 600 HD

Heavy Duty Double Sided Rotary Press

The double rotary press, the XT 600 HD permits the production of single-layer or bi-layer tablets. The tablet press offers a 60 kN (120 kN optional) pre and 120 kN main compression capability. A…

XL 800

Double-Sided Tablet Press

The XL 800 is a reliable workhorse designed for high speed (up to 120 RPM), high volume, fully automated 24/7 operation. The machine offers an innovative bi-layer conversion kit which permits to run…

TRP 700

Double-Sided Technical Rotary Press

With a press force capability up to 120 kN the TRP 700 offer a rugged, flexible, and advanced design that supports single-layer, multi-layer, and ringed formats. The tool holders with double guide…

TRP 900

Double-Sided Technical Rotary Press

With a press force capability up to 100 kN the TRP 900 offer a rugged, flexible, and advanced design that supports single-layer, multi-layer, and ringed formats. The tool holders with double guide…