X 3

Maximizing Mid-Range Production

X 3 - NEW Mid-Range 1/2 Layer Tablet Press

The X 3 is a breakthrough in the small-scale and mid-range tablet press segment, designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest KORSCH advancements. The X 3 is a single-sided rotary tablet press that redefines flexible technology with a new approach to architectural and ergonomic design elements, which were previously available only on larger machines.  

The X 3 is smarter and Pharma 4.0 ready, which permits a deeper understanding of what is happening in the compression suite.  This is the basis to optimize both the process, and the manner in which the process is executed by the operations team, to obtain the maximum product quality.

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Designed for Pharma & Nutraceuticals

The X 3 complies with the highest standard in GMP- and all valid FDA-regulations. KORSCH controls permit full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. The machine offers precision tablet weight control. Extended filling length permits superior weight uniformity. The "Through The Wall" installation option allows the true separation between production and technical area.

Our award-winning tablet press

The KORSCH X 3 tablet press won the 2022 Phama Innovation Awards for its "new technologies and services that help advance product quality, risk reduction and manufacturing efficiency".


Flexibility of Use

The X 3 is a robust, portable, single and bi-layer rotary press which is ideal for scale-up, clinical manufacturing and mid-range production. The integrated control cabinet avoids additional space and cabling in the room. The single and bi-layer capability, and exchangeable turret technology offer unprecedented flexibility that permits the press to be adapted to future production requirements.

Product Development

The X 3 can be fully instrumented for the measurement of precompression force, main compression force, and ejection force. An optional integrated data acquisition system will permit the full characterization and documentation of scale-up parameters.

  • Optional integrated data acquisition and analysis (PharmaResearch)
  • Documentation of scale-up parameters
  • Mixed turret
  • Operation with reduced press tools and low volume feeders

Clinical Manufacturing and Mid-Range Production

The X 3 offers a robust production capability with a high-speed and fast-change design. The X 3 provides a long filling length, and large 2-chamber feeder for precision die filling at high speeds. The superior access to the compression zone permits the fastest change times for maximum efficiency and uptime.

  • Exchangeable turret
  • Lowest noise level
  • Press force control
  • Comprehensive batch reporting

Installation Flexibility

The innovative, self-contained design of the X 3 offers a range of installation options.

  • Portable platform
  • Conventional installation in compression suite
  • Through-the-wall installation

One Common Platform - Two Machine Models

The X 3 design offers a single-layer only, and a flexible single and bi-layer capability in two machine models that share a common platform, and fully interchangeable components. For any single and bi-layer product portfolio, the X 3 platform ensures the highest efficiency, common best practices for setup and changeover, and interchangeable turrets and product contact parts.


Dedicated Single-Layer Mid-Range Production

  • Up to 266,400 single-layer tablets per hour
  • 40 kN precompression capability
  • 80 kN main compression capability
  • 120 RPM maximum press speed


Flexible Single and Bi-Layer Mid-Range Production

  • Up to 266,400 single-layer tablets per hour
  • Up to 177,600 bi-layer tablets per hour
  • 5 or 20 kN first layer tamping force capability
  • 40 kN precompression capability
  • 80 kN main compression capability
  • 120 RPM maximum press speed (Single-Layer)

Minimal Noise and Vibration

The carrier plate that supports the dual column for pre and main compression is mounted on dampers. This unique and patented design fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level.

  • Very low noise emission <80 dB(A)
  • No vibration transmission to the floor of the compression room
  • No segregation of powder in the feeding system which can occur with machine vibration

Operational Efficiency

The X 3 features large windows for excellent visibility and unlimited access to the compression zone to streamline product changeover and turret exchange. At the rear of the machine, the Multi-Function Column houses in two separate compartments, the electrical components and the main dust extraction connection. The water-cooled chiller serves both the torque drive as well as the heat exchanger in the integrated electrical cabinet. The result is a fully sealed machine with no heat transfer to the compression zone of the press, or to the compression room. The closed design ensures no contamination in the machine base or electrical cabinet to support the streamlined cleaning and changeover. 

Superior Accessibility by Design

  • Compression zone without corner columns
  • Machine base with open framework and ergonomic arrangement of components for extreme serviceability
  • Easily accessible central connection panel for peripherals for fully integrated control


  • Quick disconnect on all product contact parts for streamlined changeover
  • Isolated dust collection housing with optimal access for cleaning
  • Sealed exterior design ensures contamination free machine base and Multi-Function Column
  • Large smooth surfaces simplify cleaning
KORSCH X 3 Tablet Press: Exchangable Turret

Streamlined Turret Removal

The X 3 turret may be exchanged – quickly, easily, and safely – including the cams, and press tools. A lifting arm is installed in the carrier plate to facilitate turret removal and installation. The control system has a turret recognition capability to permit the turret parameters to be recognized automatically.

  • Turret removal in less than 15 minutes
  • Transport cart for turret preparation and off-line cleaning

Robust Dual-Column Design

The X 3 features a combined compression roller column for pre and main compression. It is a fixed column which is secured on the main carrier plate. The lower compression rollers swivel to the outside for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The upper rollers feature a high vertical stroke to permit turret exchange.

  • Swiveling lower compression rollers
  • Motorized insertion depth adjustment for pre and main compression
  • Motorized edge thickness adjustment for pre and main compression
  • Drives below carrier plate provide full accessibility for maintenance

Smart and Pharma 4.0 Ready

The X 3 is fully prepared to fit into the smart factory concept. The KORSCH control system features an open architecture and the ability to easily integrate the machine to a central network, with domain authentication, central recipe management, and central batch report archiving.  In addition, a standard OPC server permits press parameters to be passed to a SCADA or Historian system in real time. Advance capabilities further leverage the data through secure cloud solutions for OEE assessment and predictive maintenance. In addition, machine data may be made available for sharing with the outside world. This digitalization strategy for the machine design will provide a higher product quality, lower total cost of ownership, and significant advantages and convenience in the day-to-day machine operations, from electronic production monitoring to operator assistance through virtual reality.


      Programming Suitable for INDUSTRY 4.0

      To reach the goal of Industry 4.0 which is a fully digital supply chain, the key point is that all the systems can communicate inside the machine and to the outside world. Programming carried out according to international standard in the sector guarantees the communication with other machines and systems.

      • Programming of all machine components on one single platform (SIMOTION)
      • Programming according to Norm PackML (Packaging Machine Language) from OMAC
      • Tableting control algorithms based on our Specialists’ knowledge are constantly optimized.

      Intelligent Components INDUSTRY 4.0 Ready

      In order to support required advances in operational efficiency, the X 3 is smarter. This means that the machine features intelligent sensors which play a key role in making Industry 4.0 a reality. They are the interface between the real and the digital worlds. Sensors which function on a fully digital basis enable data to be interpreted accurately for the process.  

      • Smart sensors, featuring  IO link, to pre-process data
      • Memorizing sensor technology enables machine features to be stored directly in the sensor
      • Electronic type plates record identity, configuration and calibration of components

      Cloud Solutions

      Digitalization of the machine permits data to be transmitted to a secure cloud solution from KORSCH (PharmaInsights) or via the customer directly. Cloud computing can analyze and process these data via different apps and software. Data can also be made available for external service providers, if required.  

      • Track and optimize the productivity and energy consumption of your machines.
      • Calculate and visualize key performance indicators to detect optimization potential
      • Optimize machine service and availability by tracking machine condition, maintenance intervals as well as process alarms
      • Calculate and assess OEE and efficiency optimization strategies

      Augmented Reality Support with PharmaView®

      Operator training, on an augmented reality or virtual reality platform, will reinforce best practices and raise the competency level.

      • Holographic Support for production, trouble shooting and maintenance
      • Access to Multi-media Support Files
      • Augmented Training (without machine or on the machine to see inside the assemblies)

      Intuitive Controls with Smart-Touch HMI

      The advance control system interface provides an intuitive operating environment and Smart-Touch HMI, which permits move, zoom, and scroll gestures. The HMI environment offers a comprehensive onboard help capability, which includes a vast array of multi-media help files to present procedures and to support the operation and maintenance. At the heart of the control system is a Siemens SIMOTION controller, which merges PLC and motion controls in a single, integrated system. This permits extensive remote diagnostic support.

      On-board Help Capability

      The Smart-Touch HMI sets a new standard for help content which is integrated in the HMI environment to permit direct access during the machine operation and maintenance.

      • Direct link to support documents, including manuals, drawings, and schematics
      • Multi-media support files (videos, pictures) to support equipment procedures (turret change, machine changeover, calibration, etc.)
      • Access to an electronic spare parts catalog
      • Troubleshooting and diagnostic support

      PharmaControl® Press Force System

      The X 3 uses the proven PharmaControl® press force control system to monitor individual compression forces and to provide closed loop feedback to the dosing cam for precise tablet weight control. The Smart-Touch HMI displays average force and the single force on each punch station in real time. The optional single-tablet rejection system will reliably reject an individual tablet from a known punch station across the full speed range, and build a reject log which may be viewed in real time, and included in the electronic batch report.

      Containment Solutions

      KORSCH offers a wide range of containment solutions on most machine models, including DryCon and WipCon® executions. With proven solutions across the full containment range (OEB 3, OEB 4, OEB 5), KORSCH provides a fully turnkey system which is engineered to meet the specific requirements of the project. In partnership with the customer, KORSCH specialists define critical process parameters, including containment requirements, peripheral integration, and automation design. KORSCH engineers are expert in developing the concept, execution, integration, and final SMEPAC testing to fully validate the containment capability.

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      X 3 SFP DryCon

      The X 3 SFP DryCon is a mid-range tablet press for single-layer tablet production. The DryCon execution permits contained access to the compression zone and eliminates the requirement for personnel protection equipment (PPE) during operation.


      X 3 MFP DryCon

      The X 3 MFP DryCon is a small-scale and mid-range tablet press for single and bi-layer tablet production with OEB 3 and OEB 4 dry containment capability for processing highly active but not highly toxic ingredients. The DryCon execution permits contained access to the compression zone and eliminates the requirement for personnel protection equipment (PPE) during operation.

      X 3 MFP WipCon®

      The X 3 MFP WipCon® is a small-scale and mid-range tablet press for single and bi-layer tablet production that offers a comprehensive wash-in-place and high- containment (OEB 4, OEB 5) capability for highly active or potent compounds. The WipCon® execution permits contained access to the compression zone and eliminates the requirement for personnel protection equipment (PPE) during operation and cleaning.