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On the use of multi-top tools

The prospect of using multi-tip tools to dramatically increase production output on a single tablet press has long been considered by process engineers who seek additional capacity with minimal capital investment.


Effervescent tablets are used for antacids and to treat common cold complaints, yet they also have food supplement and multi-vitamin delivery applications and can be used to clean teeth and dentures. Their main benefit is that active ingredient quantities, even larger doses, are…


MUPS, or “multiple unit pellet system”, is a solid dosage form in which the granulation consists of a mixure of active, coated pellets and powder excipients. MUPS products include, for example, compounds to counteract excessive acid formation in the stomach, heartburn and acid…


Smart Tablets


Planning a fully integrated tablet compression system for high-containment requires extensive know-how and experience. “Not only is the tablet press itself affected by the more stringent safety precautions at each OEB level, so are peripherals, production resources, as well as…


On November 21, 2019, as part of the ISPE Future Leaders Day, KORSCH invited a group of 21 young professionals to get an update on the latest, state-of-the art technology at the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER in Berlin.


KORSCH PharmaView® – Augmented Reality Comes to Life

What does the future of machine control look like? Following the major digitalization wave, which incorporated the recording, analyzing, processing and storing of data, the foundations have now been laid for taking the next step forward. New generations of machines, like the…


A 100-year track record of success in manufacturing tablet presses has made us what we are today – tableting experts. This involves both the tableting process itself, meaning we deliver maximum quality, safety and added value, as well as specialization in a range of applications…