KORSCH X 3 - Award-Winning Tablet Press

From Nerea Arcaraz,

The KORSCH X 3 Tablet Press has been recognized by Pharma Manufacturing with a PHARMA INNOVATION AWARD 2022.

Our X 3 tablet press has been awarded the 2022 Pharma Innovation Award in the Plant Operations division. The Pharma Innovation Award is presented annually by Pharma Manufacturing, a brand of Endeavor Business Media.

The explanatory memorandum states: „ Here at Pharma Manufacturing, we understand and appreciate the investment pharma equipment vendors put into developing and improving their products. It's these valuable tools that help pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative, lifesaving medicines. The Pharma Innovation Awards are a tribute to those who listen to the needs of the market and their customers, and a result, have distinguished themselves as leaders in pharma equipment and technology.

For a decade now, the Pharma Innovation Awards have highlighted industry-focused technologies and systems that not only help to solve pharma’s current woes but also push the boundaries on what is possible within pharma manufacturing. 
Although perhaps cliché, we believe that taking this opportunity to applaud pharma manufacturing innovation leaders is important — allowing for the celebration of the light that has been created through problem-solving and invention, and reflection about what we might wish to see in the future of our industry. […]

Plant Operations
For pharma manufacturers, the plant floor is where the bulk of the action happens, offering endless opportunities for process improvements. Plant operations innovations can help drugmakers to streamline processes — while also increasing efficiency and driving down costs. […]

Our next winner innovates a plant floor staple — the tablet press — one of the pharma industry’s oldest and most trusted technologies. Disruption in this space is still a welcome upgrade for most manufacturers. With the aim of redefining tablet presses for small-scale and mid-range production, KORSCH has introduced the X 3 Tablet Press. 

The X 3, which one reviewer described as having “big machine features in a small package" was designed from the ground up to include a new approach to architectural and ergonomic design elements — previously available only on larger machines. 
The single-sided rotary tablet press is ‘smart’ and Pharma 4.0 ready, permitting a deeper understanding of what is happening in the compression suite. This increased visibility helps optimize both the process and the way the process is executed by the operations team — ultimately maximizing product quality.”

We are very pleased to receive this award, as it reflects and honors the innovative performance of our engineers.

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Nerea Arcaraz
Marketing Manager, KORSCH AG