More than an Equipment Specialist

de Friederike Gütter,

Being “The Specialist” in tablet compression does not simply mean designing and building the best tablet presses. It also requires a detailed and in-depth understanding of formulation development and process optimization. Exactly for that purpose, the ideal research environment has been created in the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER. Together, with our customers, our expert team works to identify and optimize critical tablet production parameters, and to support product formulation projects, which drive our expertise.

The KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER in Berlin is fully equipped with the latest KORSCH tablet presses, complimentary peripherals, in-process test and related analytical equipment, material handing, and powder processing technology – all at the disposal of our technical team, which features a post-doctorate pharmacist, a pharmaceutical / chemical engineer and two tableting specialists.

In the pharmaceutical industry, a product formulation cannot be changed after regulatory approval, so the INNOVATION CENTER can support both pre-approval formulation and post-approval process optimization efforts. In many cases there are opportunities for process optimization to facilitate increased output, yield, and product quality, which can offer a dramatic return on investment.

While KORSCH is perhaps best known as “The Specialist” in the pharmaceutical industry, there is an extensive track record of success across a wide range of industries, including food, confectionary, technical and chemical. Our customers in these non-pharma markets can leverage the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER for similar process optimization services, where in most cases, additionally the formulation can be optimized at any time.

For any product, regardless of the market or application, feasibility studies conducted at an early stage of development are critical to defining the optimal process solution which can be scaled effectively. Working with very small quantities on the KORSCH XP 1 Research Tablet Press, and EK 2 Tablet Press for very large tablet formats, KORSCH experts can evaluate flow, compressibility, and content uniformity of the product and make recommendations – both from a formulation and process perspective - to deliver a robust and reliable production scale solution. With access to the world’s finest scale-up and high-speed tablet production technology, the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER can support subsequent scale-up and process optimization efforts.

Our strategic partnership with MEDELPHARM allows us to integrate compaction simulator technology into our equipment portfolio, and adds an important development capability which permits our Innovation Center experts to streamline material characterization, and conduct predictive studies on high-speed performance with minimal material quantities. The KORSCH partnership with L.B. BOHLE adds expertise around upstream and downstream processes, including granulation, roller compacting, tablet coating,and continuous manufacturing systems. Additionally the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER works closely with the

LB BOHLE Technology Center in Ennigerloh, Germany and the MEDELPHARM’s Science Lab in Lyon, France, to support product and process development projects. KORSCH customers also benefit from our joint research projects with technical universities.

The KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER team plays a critical role in testing and proving new equipment developments and innovative designs from the KORSCH engineering team – to ensure that concepts are proven in the laboratory under real production conditions. This synergy shortens the development time and ensures a fully developed and tested solution for our customers.

Friederike Gütter
Process Expert, Innovation Center, KORSCH AG