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KORSCH Expertise on your Equipment


Starting from the delivery of your KORSCH equipment at your site and throughout its whole life-cycle, our service department is at your side with a wide range of services that allow you to reach optimal machine efficiency. It begins with a solid foundation for the press to operate successfully in the production environment: installation, calibration, qualification and training executed by KORSCH experts. It continues with comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, annual or semi-annual re-calibrations as well as further training courses. Furthermore, all KORSCH machines have the capability to be remotely supported from Berlin by our experts when necessary. At any time KORSCH can also assist you for a process optimization in which all settings are involved and must be optimally harmonized with each other – and with your product.



On-Site Support Services



Contact us to learn more about the following services:

Qualification and Validation

KORSCH offers a comprehensive validation documentation capability. Our professional documentation group works closely with our engineering and project management team to deliver a package of specification documents, validation protocols, and support documents to fully meet the project requirements. The qualification protocols are executed on-site by our service experts to fully document the safety and functionality of the system.

Commissioning / SAT

The full commissioning services include equipment installation, execution of qualification protocols, execution of site acceptance testing protocols, and training certification. Executed by a KORSCH expert, the commissioning stablishes a solid foundation for the press to operate successfully in the production environment.

Calibration Services

KORSCH provides complete calibration services for all instrumentation on the tablet press, including rotational speed, linear punch position, and press forces. The Calibration Qualification document includes the calibration test method, required accuracy, and acceptance criteria. The calibration is executed with fully traceable instruments, and KORSCH provides formal calibration certificates subsequent to the work. Annual or semi-annual calibration programs are recommended to ensure that the calibration records stay current.

Training Certification

Optimal performance requires a high level of operational competence. KORSCH on-site training will help your operators understand the machines and their control system, how to carry out maintenance tasks, and how to create recipes. Depending on the level of knowledge, the training can be implemented in the form of training courses or supervision. For all courses, formal training certification is provided.

    Preventative Maintenance

    To ensure optimal machine performance and uptime, KORSCH offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program which includes a detailed inspection of the key mechanical and control system components. A detailed PM protocol is utilized to assess the machine condition and a corresponding PM report is issued. The proactive implementation of the PM service will avoid unplanned downtime and insure long term reliability.

    Service Contracts

    KORSCH offers a wide variety of service contracts that are designed to ensure the optimal performance of your KORSCH machine. Each service contract is customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer and the application. Service contracts permit a predictable, fixed price approach to annual maintenance and service of your KORSCH machine.

    Process Optimization

    Optimizations can have various objectives: One is to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Sometimes even small changes can impact capacity and availability in a positive way. Other goals include increasing the quality of the tablets or the production yields. In each case, not only the individual machine, but also the entire process is put to the test. Press forces, tools, feed systems, peripheral devices, and all other settings are involved in the result and must be optimally harmonized with each other – and with your product. Put your trust in our years of experience and
    our systematic approach. We will execute the optimization matrix and make detailed recommendations regarding process improvement.

    Peripheral Equipment Integration

    Special products or production conditions sometimes require new peripheral devices, such as magnesium stearate spray systems. KORSCH provides peripheral devices and integrates them into your production line – so that the new process functions just as smoothly as the old one.

    Network Integration

    The KORSCH control system offers a standard Ethernet architecture which simplifies and streamlines network integration. KORSCH has extensive experience with all aspects of central network integration.

    Remote Support

    All KORSCH machines have the capability to be supported remotely by experts at KORSCH. The result is expedited diagnostic support and minimal downtime. The remote session must be authorized and enabled at the customer site to insure absolute security.

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