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Space for Innovation


The KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER is a state-of-the-art facility that is designed to support our customers, and to create an environment for learning and technical advancement. With ten compression suites, equipped with the latest KORSCH technology, our experts can support training certification, tablet compression studies, product development and scale-up, as well as factory acceptance testing. In addition to KORSCH technology, the laboratories offer a complete range of peripherals and tablet test equipment, to permit a true systems approach to fully integrated tablet production.  A 100-seat auditorium is the perfect venue for large training classes and seminars.  Built with our customers in mind, this facility is the ideal setting to advance your tableting technology.






Contact us to learn more about the following services:

Compression Studies / Tabletting Trials

Compression studies permit a detailed assessment of feasibility and performance on a high speed, modern tablet press. Generating data to characterize the relationship between press parameters (press force, press speed, feeder speed, insertion depth) and physical tablet qualities (weight, thickness, hardness, friability, dissolution) permits process optimization and supports process troubleshooting. Compression studies may be executed on both single-layer and multi-layer technology.

Training Certification

A qualified and well-trained staff is paramount to insure the optimal performance of the tablet press. At the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER, our experts can provide comprehensive training on the machine setup, operation, changeover, optimization, and maintenance. Hands-on and classroom training is geared to the specific requirements of the customer, and is supported by a formal certification program. Let us help you create your own experts so that you can leverage the full capability of your KORSCH technology.

Process Development

KORSCH can support your process development effort by offering a wide range of technology and expertise in our INNOVATION CENTER. From early feasibility to scale-up, to full production scale including multi-layer and core placement – KORSCH has the technology to optimize the process. A full complement of peripheral and in-process test equipment permits a comprehensive approach to process and product development.

Factory Acceptance Testing

The KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER is the perfect venue to conduct your factory acceptance test (FAT) prior to the machine shipment. A dedicated FAT team and a formal FAT protocol insure a comprehensive review of the machine safety and functionality, and insure a streamlined commissioning on-site. The FAT execution is the ideal learning experience and a perfect way to interact with KORSCH experts in advance of the machine delivery.

Product Development and Scale-Up

KORSCH can support technology transfer from small-scale to full-scale by documenting process parameters and demonstrating feasibility on production scale equipment. Leverage KORSCH expertise on scale-up methodology and tablet press optimization to streamline your technology transfer and to verify production scale capability.

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