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Enhance the Performance


To expand or restore the capability of your existing tablet press KORSCH offers a wide range of upgrades. Multi-layer kits, magnesium stearate spray systems, additional turrets, fast-change parts, and complete control system upgrades are just some of the options available. KORSCH can also rebuild / refurbish older machines to improve performance and extend the life of aging KORSCH machines.



Equipment Rebuilds and Upgrades

Equipment Rebuilds and Upgrades Services



Contact us to learn more about the following services:

Equipment Upgrades

Our machines offer maximum durability. To ensure that you can take advantage of our further developments and can confidently meet new requirements, we recommend the use of upgrade kits. You can also use these kits to easily update older models into state-of-the-art production lines.

Equipment Rebuilds

KORSCH offers a comprehensive rebuild capability to update and enhance older KORSCH machines, and to extend the operating lifetime. A typical rebuild project will include a mechanical and electrical overhaul as well as a full control system upgrade. The result is a like-new machine that will perform optimally for years to come – with a KORSCH warranty. Furthermore new functionalities and/or peripherals can be added to the existing machine.

Control System Upgrades

The use of outdated software and obsolete hardware can present a high risk. KORSCH offers a range of control system upgrade options to ensure the most current hardware and software, and to insure maximum supportability and reliability. The open architecture of the KORSCH system permits a fully integrated, systems approach with central control of system login, product recipe administration, and batch report storage. A standard OPC server capability permits process parameters to be seamlessly transferred to central SCADA and Historian systems.

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