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XL 400 SFP WipCon®

Wash-in-Place & Containment


The XL 400 SFP WipCon® is an innovative production scale, rotary tablet press that offers a comprehensive wash-in-Place and high-containment (OEB 4, OEB 5) capability for the production of highly active or potent compounds.  The XL  400 SFP WipCon® is available with a full complement of peripheral equipment including air handling, dedusting, metal check, and in-line tablet testing – to offer a fully integrated containment system.

XL 400 Platform

The XL 400 features a common equipment platform that permits to choose between two different machines depending on your needs: Dedicated high-speed single-layer capability (SFP) or Flexible single and multi-layer capability (MFP). The XL 400 SFP permits complete turret and spare parts compatibility with the XL 400 MFP model. Further advantages are the identical control systems and HMI environment, process equivalent design for direct product transfer or the common procedures for setup, changeover, and turret exchange between both machines.


Offering a 100 kN precompression capability, 100 kN main compression capability, 120 RPM press speed capability, and an extended feeder length design, the XL 400 SFP is designed for speed, offering a maximum output of 338,400 single-layer tablets per hour. A unique compression dwell bar between pre and main compression dramatically extends dwell time for the most difficult products.

Easy Turret Removal

The turret design permits the removal of the complete turret, cam tracks, and press tools. A lightweight lifting arm is mounted on the internal lift device and the turret is staged for removal. A simple push-button triggers a safe, effortless, and semiautomatic turret removal sequence to place the turret on the transport cart.

Innovative Feeder Design

The low weight feeder (< 12 kg) features a long filling length for maximum filling dwell time at all operating speeds. Quick disconnect design permits full assembly without tools.

Superior Accessibility

The innovative carrier plate design of the XL 400 FT eliminates the traditional corner columns and offers extreme access to the compression zone for cleaning and maintenance. The feeder can be quickly dismounted without tools, and the dust extraction is fully integrated in the lower turret shrouding, which is also removed with quick disconnects.

Touch Screen Control

Extremely user-friendly and fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, the control system offers password login, press force control, single-tablet rejection, product recipe, event log, reject log, alarm history and full network connectivity.

Lowest Noise and Vibration Level

The unique and patented design of the carrier plate, with pneumatic dampers, fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level (< 80 dB(A)).


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