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Technical Rotary Press

TRP 1200

The New Flagship for Technical Applications


The TRP 1200 is a completely new development, and is equipped with many unique and patented features, including an exchangeable segmented turret design which dramatically reduces changeover time. The TRP 1200 compliments and perpetuates the tradition of the TRP 700/900 series. The TRP 1200 is especially suitable for the production of large format with maximum press forces, large deep filling depths – with a high output capability, and may be adapted to a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical as well as in the technical industries.

Roll Guided Press Tools

The TRP 1200 features special press tools. Shafts with dual cam rollers, which guide the press tool in the cam track are used instead of the usual mushroom heads. The advantage of this special tool design is that it facilitates steeper cam angles and permits increasing fill depths and supports very high ejection forces.

Segmented Turret

The turret is split into six individual segments weighing approx 400 kg each.This permits quick change over and efficient cleaning, avoiding having to remove a single large heavy turret. Segments are disassembled with upper and lower punches. All cams remain in the machine.

Superior Performance

Featuring up to 84 punches, 3 press stations and a 1.200 mm pitch circle, the TRP 1200 can produce up to 6.300 pieces per minute. The TRP 1200 is clearly intended for high-speed production, and is designed to operate a minimum of 160 hours without any significant maintenance or service.

Superior Accessibility

The TRP 1200 features 4 large windows for best accessibility, Quick Disconnect Components and a GMP Compliant Execution for Pharmaceutical Applications. The front- and back cover of the compression columns can be opened for better accessibility and easy maintenance.

Minimal Noise and Vibration

The KORSCH principle of vibration-insulated compression zone is incorporated to the TRP 1200. The unique and patented design of the carrier plate, with pneumatic dampers, fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level.

Best Wear out and Corrosion Protection

The TRP 1200 is a particularly efficient tablet press for very abrasive substances offering many options regarding turret material and surface treatment depending on product properties. Wear out is remarkably minimized using punch shafts with roller guidance on both sides, steel cam tracks and ejection cams for high ejection forces.

Touch Screen Control

The control system is extremely user-friendly and offers password login, press force control, single-tablet rejection, product recipe, event log, reject log, alarm history and full network connectivity.


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