PharmaResearch LE

Automated Data Acquisition - Laptop Execution


The PharmaResearch is a Windows based data acquisition and analysis system which complements the full line of KORSCH presses. As a Laptop Execution it permits easy operation and offers a low-cost solution. The PharmaResearch captures high speed data and automatically analyzes the waveform profiles to provide statistical reporting and correlation of compression parameters. The system can export press force data to a standard Excel format.


Overlay Technology

Fingerprint recording during production. Overlay Technology allows safe and quick recognition of subsequent waveforms.

Correlation Analysis

Correlation Analysis to establish a “Knowledge Database” that serves to easily compare the properties of known and unknown ingredients.

Compaction Analysis

Compaction Analysis allows evaluations e. g. Heckel plot, energy, work of compression, contact time and compressibility.

“Built-in” PAT function

“Built-in” PAT function, i. e. the database is automatically filled with process data, thereby helping to define and complete PAT requirement for Knowledge Space and Design Space.


Reports can be automatically generated in a variety of data formats with and without an electronic signature.Charts can be dimensioned, comments added, formated and exported before being processed in the MS Office world.



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