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XL 4004

4th Generation XL 400


Discover the New XL 4004


The XL 4004 offers a new level of innovation and advancement, while maintaining the flexibility that is the hallmark of the XL 400 design. Smarter and featuring a complete new control system interface the machine offers an intuitive operating experience. The integration of the electrical cabinet, a sealed machine design without cooling fans or vents, and the use of an advanced torque drive enhance the proven design of the XL 400 platform. All key components, including turrets, feeders, and cams are fully interchangeable with the 3rd generation XL 400 design.

  • Integrated electrical cabinet – no remote cabinet

  • New smart touch HMI with comprehensive on-board
    help including Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC platforms

  • Technological Breakthrough with the use of intelligent
    components, ready for industry 4.0

  • Advanced torque drive

  • Contamination free machine base and Multi-Function Column

  • Clean and transparent design concept for streamlined
    product changeover

  • Isolated dust collection housing with optimal access for cleaning

  • Ergonomic placement of major components in
    machine base for extreme serviceability


1 Common XL 4004 Platform, 2 Machine Models


The XL 400 design offers a single-layer only (SFP), and a flexible single and multi-layer (MFP) capability in two machine models that share a common platform, and fully interchangeable components. Depending on your product portfolio, you can select the SFP or MFP or combine both models and benefit from their common advantages and maximized compatibility.



Intuitive Controls with Smart-Touch HMI


The completely new control system interface provides an intuitive operating environment and Smart-Touch HMI, which permits move, zoom, and scroll gestures. Available in a Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC platform, the common HMI environment offers a comprehensive onboard help capability, which includes a vast array of multi-media help files to present procedures and to support the operation and maintenance. At the heart of the control system is a Siemens SIMOTION controller, which merges PLC and motion controls in a single, integrated system. This permits extensive remote diagnostic support.

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