Product Brochure XP 1

XP 1

Research Tablet Press


The XP 1 research tablet press is a single punch machine which is specifically designed to permit initial feasibility, screening, and solid product characterization for single or multi-layer tablets. The XP 1 permits very small material quantities to be utilized and characterized very quickly with a minimum of set-up and cleaning time. The XP 1 offers a proven, rugged, and portable design, which insures precision operation over the long term.


With max. 50 kN compression force the machine can produce up to 3.600 tablets/h. The single punch press is also suitable for smallest product volumes down to 10ml.


Use of standard TSM B/D or EU B/D and EK 0 tooling. An innovative tool adaptor permits the fast change of press tooling.

Flexible Use

The XP 1 is available as a table-top version or fully portable version with a locking caster base. Feeder and material hopper configurations permit the ability to produce large quantities up to 4 liters or small quantities up to 8 ml.

User Friendly Operation

Tablet parameters are established initially under manual operation, and the machine can be placed quickly into automatic operation. The tablet weight, thickness, and hardness can be adjusted while the machine is running.


A full instrumentation package allows together with the PharmaResearch® precision measurement of upper/lower compression force, ejection and scrape off force and upper/lower punch displacement.

Data Analysis

Together with the KORSCH PharmaResearch┬«, the XP 1 offers a comprehensive data acquisition and analysis of press force and punch displacement data. This system can collect data locally, or forward it to a SQL server on a central network, to permit centralized data storage and analysis.


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