Equipment specially designed for initial feasibility and development of new products.

Product Development Technology

Equipment specially designed for scale-up operation and  production of medium-sized charges.

Scale-Up Technology

Equipment specially designed for high speed, 24/7 fully automated production.


Most flexible tablet presses specially designed for multilayer tablet compression.

Multi-Layer Technology

These tablet presses offer a comprehensive wash-in-place and high-containment (OEB 4, OEB 5) capability for the production of highly active or potent compounds.

WIP / Containment

Extremely sturdy and stable rotary presses specially designed for industrial operation.

Technical Rotary Presses

A Specialist's Range of Products

KORSCH offers an innovative solution for virtually every tablet compression application. We work to fully understand the requirements of our customers, and we react with designs that meet and exceed these requirements. Every KORSCH is a masterpiece.

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