KORSCH AG – Berlin

Breitenbachstraße 1
13509 Berlin

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Quality Made in Berlin


Every KORSCH machine is produced at our global headquarters in Berlin, Germany to insure the highest level of quality and reliability.  The concentration of product development, manufacturing, equipment sales, technical service, and spare parts support insure a seamless operation that is fully focused and serving our customers.


Customer Driven.  KORSCH has a rich history of innovation and our design efforts are always customer driven.  The industry need for higher flexibility and utilization resulted in the development of the XL 400 MFP Tablet Press, the only machine in the world that can produce single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer, and core-coated tablets on the same platform.


Innovation and Flexibility. The market has consistently responded to KORSCH innovation, and today, more than 90% of sales revenues are generated by equipment designs which have been developed in the past five years.  KORSCH is quite active and successful in all global markets, and more than 80% of the equipment produced by KORSCH is exported to our customers around the world.


Global reach.  Innovative and reliable technology is successful in every global market and KORSCH has established a comprehensive global network of sales and technical service experts to serve our customers. KORSCH has representatives in virtually every country in the world who stand ready to promote and support KORSCH technology.


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