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High Speed, Fully Automated Production

The KORSCH XL-family of pharmaceutical rotary presses has been developed for the 24-hour-production. These modular designed presses are full of patented innovations.

The KORSCH machine generation features:


  • Optimal accessibility of all parts
  • Fast cleaning and product change-over
  • Extremely  quiet operation
  • Low material loss because of excellent weight accuracy of the tablets.
  • Single- and multi-layer tablets
  • Core coated tablets
  • Effervescent tablets


The XL-machines are ideal for the production of effervescences due to the unique compression roller column design and compression dwell bar.


Optimize your production with our „technical solutions":


  • Fast regulation of press forces for all layers
  • Adjustment of turret and feeder speed
  • Extension of pressure dwell time
  • Precise separation of the layers
  • Optimization towards maximum output

Only Korsch offers the "Through The Wall" technology, which allows maintenance during continuous production so that the stop periods are kept extremely short. All valid GMP- and FDA-regulations are being considered. Korsch tablet presses run "21 CFR Part 11- conform".


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