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XL 400 MFP


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Multi-Layer Technology and special applications

KORSCH offers the broadest range of multi-layer technology, including bi-layer, tri-layer, four-layer, five-layer and core coating machines which are designed to support innovative drug delivery applications. The KORSCH product line also enables the production of tablets with special parameters such as deep fill/lollipop.


Multi-Layer Expertise


  • Fully Automated Layer Sampling: retracting feeder design permits intermediate layer sampling at production speeds
  • Press Force Control System: monitoring of individual force at the tamping and final compression stations and closed loop control of each layer weight 
  • Single Tablet Rejection based on layer tamping force and final compression force with reject log
  • Quick Change Over: quick change over between the different configurations
  • No Cross-Contamination: zero clearance feeders configured with an integrated dust extraction manifold
  • Product Development: small hoppers, special feeder paddles for reduced volume, and full functionality with reduced press tools
  • WipCon® Technology: Wash-In-Place and Containment applications for potent products available for the complete range of equipment
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