Product Brochure XL 100

XL 100

Research Tablet Press


The XL 100 is an innovative tablet press for product development, scale-up, and clinical batch production.

The XL 100 offers a new standard in GMP, extreme accessibility to the compression zone, an exchangeable turret for maximum flexibility, and a combination of quick-disconnects and smooth surfaces that permit fast cleaning and changeover.


The machine is extremely robust and rugged, offering a precompression capability of 10 kN and a main compression capability of 60 kN and a maximal Output of 86.400 tablets/h with a maximum press speed of 120 RPM.

Flexible Use

The exchangeable turret permits the production of any size tablet. A mixed turret option permits the use of both B and D punches on the same turret. The fully integrated design insures a fully portable platform that can be easily transported in a product development setting.

User Friendly Operation

The design concept of the XL-Series, with the multi-function column at the rear of the machine, and the carrier plate design which eliminates the need for corner columns around the compression zone offers optimal access for machine set-up, cleaning, changeover, and maintenance.


The XL 100 may be fully instrumented for the measurement of precompression force, main compression force, ejection force (segmented cam), and scrape off force, to permit product development parameters to be evaluated and stored.

Data Analysis

Together with the PharmaResearch®, a Windows based data acquisition system the XL 100 Pro permits storage, analysis, and export of compression and ejection force data.

Optimal Control

The XL 100 offers an integrated press force control system PharmaControl ® to permit automatic weight control and single-tablet rejection. The XL 100 Pro control screens offer a graphical and user friendly environment. All critical press parameters are displayed and may be adjusted in real-time.

Lowest Noise and Vibration Level

The unique and patented design of the carrier plate, with spring suspension, fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level, even with high compression forces and high press speeds (< 80 dB(A)).

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