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Technical Rotary Presses

TRP 700

Flexibility, Power and Performance


The TRP 700 offers a rugged and proven design for the production of AA and AAA batteries, and a range of other technical applications.  The TRP 700 offers an innovative press tool design to facilitate deep fill depths, and high compression and ejection forces.  The TRP 700 offers a 100 kN press force capability and can produce a maximum tablet diameter of 64 mm.  The TRP 700 can be combined with a ring insertion and post compaction equipment line for high-speed automated battery production.


The maximum output is 321,600 tablets per hour at 40 RPM. The TRP 700/900 is clearly intended for continuous, high-speed production, and is designed to operate a minimum of 160 hours without any significant maintenance or service.

Multi-Layer Capability

Special model as a special multi-layer rotary press for tablets that comprise 2 or 3 or even 5 layers.

Large Turret

The large rotor offers a range of 23-67 press stations, and the machine can produce a tablet to 60 mm in diameter.

Press Tools

Picking and sticking or the adherence of material to the punch surface can be a major issue for many technical and pharmaceutical products. The TRP 700/900 offers the unique TWIST option, in which the upper and lower punch are twisted in opposite directions just after compression a system that has an extensive track record of success in many applications.

Feeding System

The TRP 700/900 can be provided with a gravity feed frame, or if required, a variable speed force feeding system. These feeding systems are designed to eliminate the effect of head pressure to insure consistent filling throughout the batch. A level control system is provided for gravity feed systems to insure reproducible filling in a wide variety of technical applications.

Superior Controls

The TRP 700/900 features a modular control system design, on a Siemens or Allen-Bradley PLC platform. A press force control system with fuzzy logic control, and a single tablet rejection system can be installed for virtually any product.

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